Plenty Paper Towels 6 pack full sheet

Plenty Ultra Premium
Full Size Paper Towels

White, 2-ply sheets

Plenty Paper Towels 6 pack full sheet
247.9 SQ FT (23 m2) - 11 IN x 10.4 IN (27.9 cm x 26.4 cm)
247.9 SQ FT (23 m2) - 11 IN x 10.4 IN (27.9 cm x 26.4 cm)

What people are saying

I love these paper towel. They are absorbent and thicker than the paper towels that we used to have. Will definitely be buying this from this day forward.
Lodis Lulu
My go-to for all household cleanup projects.
Barbara - Bklyn Pet Mom
Best paper towels. High quality, absorbent and soft. Love these
Grand Mary
Great deal get them every 2 months don't have to worry about running out
Susan A.
these are super absorbent paper towels that are a great value through Amazon
Jim and Suzanne P
the real deal, good product no problems
Nathan Jones
This is a very good product! Permanent on my shopping list!
I love these paper towels, will purchase again. Very high quality, strong and absorbent - they are so sturdy, I almost hate throwing them out when I am done with them! I love that they are full size s...
Chris G
Wow, great towels to use. Just like a bounty towel and affordable product!
P. Lai
Tough paper towels with a great price!
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Plenty Towel Layers
Advanced Design

Duraweave Difference

Surface Layer
Quickly wicks moisture. Gentle to the touch.

Inner Layer
Pulls in and holds liquid from the surface.

Bottom Layer
Adds strength and durability in scrubbing.

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Responsibility First

Less is More

At Plenty, we believe in producing our products responsibly, so we start by sourcing the highest quality tree fibers from sustainable resources. Plenty is then made with a proprietary manufacturing process that creates absorbent pockets in every sheet. This means we can use less tree fibers to deliver an ultra premium product, and in turn, you can use less paper towels that absorb more to help further cut down on waste.
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Born in the USA

Proud to be American

Plenty is produced right here in the USA with attention to quality, safety, sustainability, and responsible sourcing practices of domestic and imported materials. By choosing Plenty and other First Quality brands, you support a family-owned company that provides thousands of jobs to Americans.

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Strong & Durable

Extra strength & thickness for all of life's messes (and snacks).

Ultra Premium

Fancy yet economical, a great paper towel that will save you $$.

Super Absorbent

Everything a paper towel should be & then some, we promise.
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